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Virtual Reality Product Showcasing

It is a virtual product catalogue which is a Virtual Reality walkthrough of the product in which the customer can immerse into the product and feel it. The customer experience it by wearing a Virtual Reality headset. The customer can experience the product virtually and they will feel as if they are actually touching it.

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An Audience that requires extraordinary relevance with visual brilliance – it required an extraordinary surprise to leave a lasting impression with them and steal the show. Build competitive advantage and increase sales, our virtual reality experts will turn your ideas into reality.

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Six elements of 6DoF

While creating amazing Virtual experience, we imply six integral elements:


Being surrounded by images, sound and other stimuli that create a believable environment.


Feeling or sense of actually existing within an environment.


Having a virtual body or avatar that interacts naturally with the environment.


Being completely unbounded from physical restrictions in the outside world.


Playing and interacting with others in shared digital space.


Being able to view and interact with people playing in VR from the outside world.

Product Showcasing

We prepare the product showcase for you using the VFX / Virtual Reality. The customer will experience the product as if it’s in real.

  • • We deliver the digital experience
  • • We create environment that suits your product
  • • We create audio/visuals and 3D models
  • • We create an interaction with your customer.

Experiential Catalogues

Engage with your customers more directly and give them memorable experiences. Instead of talking about your product, let the customer experience it.

  • • Take your users on a journey
  • • We create a digital immersive catalogue of the product
  • • We apply realistic experience into it.
  • • Customer experiences is our aim

Experience Center

We create an experience center for your product showcasing. If you have showrooms at different part of the country you may need to have similar product showcasing at all places. Virtual reality can do this easily.

  • • We design, implement and deploy an experience center at your place.
  • • We deploy the VR devices like Oculus and HTC Vive at center.
  • • We create a Metaverse that fits to your product.

How does it work?

We design your space

We create the 3D version of it, which includes everything that has been proposed for it, from the measurement, texture, movement, color, etc.

We send you the project

Which you can see either with a VR headset, or on your computer.

You give us your feedback

Is there anything you’d like for us to change? We’ll get right on it.

Request your VR project now and watch your idea come to life.

Showcasing at Exhibitions