Who we are?

We are a virtual reality company. As team of creative technologists, we deliver the most advanced tools and solutions for different types of business - including your sector. Step into the future of your firm and leave the competition years behind. We create Virtual Reality in every technology on all platforms. The future begins today!

What We Can Do For You


It allows companies to bridge the gap between experience and action. You can use VR to offer a digital experience in place of a physical one, which can promote products and services. As well as promoting existing products, you can also use VR to showcase those that are in development.


Crafting a dynamic educational experience, HexaDegree Freedom develops virtual reality simulations and trainings for various industry needs. Spread the message among millions - allow audiences to experience an event with a greater immersion and impact.


Virtual reality visualizations brings unlimited possibilities for a range of businesses. Virtual museums, galleries, interactive exhibitions and performances, virtual tours, product visualizations, VR theme parks, 360° walkthroughs and flythroughs - all of this and more are possible with us.


Our professional VR porting services will help your application safely migrate to the world's most wanted platforms (Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, etc.) to increase your market presence and brand's visibility.

Why Us?

Our creative philosophy begins with a deep respect for our clients brand and audience. Every idea, emotion, innovation, and execution builds upon that foundation. Our insistence on best-in-class creative and development processes and formalized user testing ensures a ‘no surprises’ launch of projects and initiatives. We believe the future belongs to those who create it.

 Remain Focused

We design and build exceptional software, and provide outstanding product consultancy. We are not an 'integrated', 'full service' or 'marcomms' agency - a jack of all trades. We focus on what we do best.

 Create software people love

We take pride in our work and strive for perfection. Our passion for technology should be seen in every product we create and each service we provide.

 Turn customers into fans

We act in the best interest of our customers at all times. We care about both the client and their clients - the end user of our products.

 Our team is our greatest asset

We believe that if you create a great working environment for people and provide them with the right tools, great products and service will follow.

Request your VR project now and watch your idea come to life.