“5 Most innovative uses of VR by top brands” – Get an Idea and implement any of them to build your brand.

Virtual Reality – Started as an entertainment tool but now becoming useful in several other sectors. The applications of VR is only limited by your ability to think and innovate. From gamming to health care education to space science, from realizing the product to market it; businesses are using VR in their operations.

Here is the brief definition of the term VR –
Through VR a user can explore and interact with a computer-generated environment He is immersed in the environment and his brain is tricked into thinking what is shown in the virtual world is real.

McDonald’s - Happy Goggles

Convert your meal box into VR goggles, what more you need when it comes to creativity and innovation? McDonald's has managed to create a Happy Meal Box that easily folds into a VR headset. The initiative is based on Google Cardboard, popularly coined as “Happy Goggles” in Sweden.

Through this McDonald’s gained the attention of children. This initiative increases in-store engagement and promotes the idea of remodeling a disposable item for different use.

Even the heaviest machines can be demonstrated through VR which opens tremendous new possibilities for the business.

Volvo - Test Drive

Taking a test drive is the first thing we do while buying a car, but what if a customer does not have any dealer nearby? Volvo has the solution, even the remotest customer can have the privilege to take the test drive through VR. Volvo gained the first-mover advantage in the VR market industry.

Volvo made an app based on VR to support the launch of its new XC90 SUV. It will put you in the cockpit and take you to a beautiful drive. You will feel as if you are in the brand new XC90.

Ikea – Virtual Reality Showroom

Ikea has developed virtual reality showrooms. It has exploited the use of the immersive power of virtual reality. Ikea is not only selling the in-store products but delivering a customer experience through VR. Just imagining the IKEA rooms is not enough, now you can bring IKEA rooms to life.

The VR has helped IKEA customers to actually live their IKEA rooms. Now customers can change the colors, textures and adjust the products according to their room before even buying them.

Topshop - catwalk experience

The TopShop gave a unique experience to its customers by giving them a front-row seat of their exclusive London Fashion Week runway. The customer can enjoy the view without even leaving their home.

With a 360-degree view customers can also sneak a peek into behind the scenes footage, this use of VR is unique and can be deployed in any live streaming related to various fields of endeavor

Walmart – Customer service Training

Introducing new employees to a task that is dynamic in nature and persuade them to follow a particular protocol on a busy day is next to impossible for a huge store. But Walmart is doing it the right way and delivering consistently delightful customer service. For this Walmart integrated VR in its training sessions.

With the help of technology, its employees are able to learn their position and responsibilities without even interacting with real customers. This is an attractive model for the business which are dealing with the end customers in person.

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