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Our Products

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Any individual or organization that wants to take the lead in today’s contradictory and hazardous economic environment has to focus on several core aspects. With ever increasing business complexities, rapid market changes and hard time of pandemics, there is an increasing urgency for all to leverage technology solutions while improving focus on your core businesses.

Hexadegree's Software Products & Solutions helps you to empower your business. We build the products not only to fit in with a certain business issue; rather they meet various market needs. We fully concentrate on the design and architecture elaborated in order to provide mainstream functionality and ensure flexibility for a great number of usage scenarios.

Our software product development process consist of deployment of a set of features tailored to meet certain needs of a specific market segment. Our software product development solution allows organizations and individuals to introduce considerable advantages into their business and profession, obtain significant results and make substantial advances.

We have our own cutting-edge products suite for Education and Virtual Reality for various domains.


eSetu is an Online Tutoring Platform that connects educators and students using advanced technology and enriched with many useful features. Tutors and students can enjoy the flawless classroom experience as they are in the class. eSetu helps educators to play a key role in instilling good values, developing basic lifelong skills and cultivating young minds and helps students to learn from the safe and comfortable home environment.

Ready To Use
User Management
Private / Public Chat
Cloud Storage (India)

VR Property Tour

The VR Property Tour is a Virtual Reality application that helps in visualizing properties using immersive technology. VR Property Tour application is a great way for realtors to market staged properties and buyers can experience immersive, three-dimensional walkthroughs of properties. Using VR Property Tour, realtors, architect and interior designer firms can offer clients VR experience that wasn’t even imaginable ever before.

Saves Time & Efficiency
Offers Global Reach
Customozed Space
Greater Profits
Greater Prestige
Instant Sense Of Ownership

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