Experiential Marketing

Dental Chair Simulation

It helps you introduce your chair and let your customers experience it through VR. Create a realistic demo by deploying all the functionalities, reach out to every potential customer.

It helps in coustomer buying decision
Easily give demo to dentists without bothring them
Give a sense of all the movements of the chair
Get more ROI from your sales force
Showcase all the dental chair models at once
Simulate real life experience of the chair

VR Property Tour

The VR Property Tour is a Virtual Reality application that helps in visualizing properties using immersive technology. VR Property Tour application is a great way for realtors to market staged properties and buyers can experience immersive, three-dimensional walkthroughs of properties. Using VR Property Tour, realtors, architect and interior designer firms can offer clients VR experience that wasn’t even imaginable ever before.

Saves Time & Efficiency
Offers Global Reach
Customozed Space
Greater Profits
Greater Prestige
Instant Sense Of Ownership


eSetu is an Online Tutoring Platform that connects educators and students using advanced technology and enriched with many useful features. Tutors and students can enjoy the flawless classroom experience as they are in the class. eSetu helps educators to play a key role in instilling good values, developing basic lifelong skills and cultivating young minds and helps students to learn from the safe and comfortable home environment.

Ready To Use
User Management
Private / Public Chat
Cloud Storage (India)

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