Virtual Reality Development

Custom VR experiences to empower your business with a new dimension of virtual reality, effectively used in multiple industries.

The HexaDegree Freedom team offers virtual reality development services for creating VR applications, full-dive visualization experiences and VR presentations for a few years now. Our proficiency in the latest technologies and trends result into an exclusive blend of experience in VR development which helps us bring even the most incredible ideas to life. HexaDegree Freedom VR developers use the power of Unity, Unreal Engine and native VR SDKs to create experiences that are comfortable, visually-appealing and realistic. Entrust your VR development project to our team and be sure that the delivered result exceeds all your expectations.

VR Application Development For Any Industry

Our creative philosophy begins with a deep respect for our clients brand and audience. Every idea, emotion, innovation, and execution builds upon that foundation. Our insistence on best-in-class creative and development processes and formalized user testing ensures a ‘no surprises’ launch of projects and initiatives. We believe the future belongs to those who create it.

 Unity 3D & Unreal Engine VR Development

We house a passionate team of VR technology specialists, Designers, UI/UX Experts, Modelers and Programmers.
We take our combined knowledge, programming and design experience to develop cutting-edge virtual reality applications that are scalable, user-friendly and functional.

 Scalable Turnkey Solutions

We are proud to offer cutting edge content development, hardware deployments and support in order to guarantee project and development success.The HexaDegree Freedom VR platform allows to deploy scalable content for a variety of use cases pre-built to reduce cost and increase portability and time to completion.

What industry are you in? Time to benefit from VR!

Software development for entertainment and gaming
Software development for agritech
Software development for education
Software development for military and defence
Event & Conferences
Software development for manufacturing
Software development for architecture
Architecture & Real Estate
Marketing and advertising software development
Marketing & Advertising
Software development for automotive
Software development for Healthcare
Software development for tourism
Tourism & Hospitality

Our Development Process

  • Application Design Document

    Upon approval, a living document is created that plans out the environment, art, sound, interaction, story, UI, controls, accessibility and analytics.1

  • Prototype

    Upon acceptance of the A.D.D we create a block-out prototype of the product focusing on interaction and functionality.2

  • Graphics Design

    Focusing only on the visual aspects our team will work on the 3D Models, lighting, VR optimization, materials, and replacement of block-out visuals.3

  • Development

    This is the concentration of the project. All the latter half of the living document is implemented with the graphic design.4

  • Testing

    Initial testing of the prototype during the Graphics Design phase. Testing will occur multiple times over the project to test for UX, bug fixing and verification.5

  • Deployment

    The final product is tested and delivered. Setting up device management. Installation of application to hardware and training.6

Request your VR project now and watch your idea come to life.